May 2024 – Artificial Intelligence takes on Vintage Guitars: Part III

CRAVE Guitars concludes its three‑part odyssey into Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) view of vintage guitars and the wider music industry, as well as a few philosophical thoughts for good measure.

January 2024 – A Brief History of the Bass Guitar

With the recent addition of CRAVE Basses to the CRAVE Guitars, Amps and Effects family, an opportunity presents itself to explore the history, development and future of the bass guitar including the instruments, equipment, artists and music that have helped to shape, earn and consolidate its rightful place in contemporary music.

December 2023 – CRAVE Guitars: Three Years in Review

An annual review of 2023 including a retrospective of CRAVE Guitars over the past three years. Roll on 2024.

November 2023 – Musical Machinations

Exploring and discovering new contemporary music and how we make the most of it.

September 2023 – Adventures in Ambient: Music of Another Dimension

An exploration into the past, current and future of ambient electronica music and the technology, key artists, sub-genres and some mielstone studio albums that helped to define the genre.

August 2023 ‑ Dub Reggae Revelation

An exploration of Jamaican music including mento, ska, rocksteady, reggae, roots, dub, dancehall and ragga, as well as the geographical and historical context within which Jamaican music thrived and continues to influence today’s musical landscape.