Sometimes, it is good to get out and about in the real world and visit places were music impacts on communities and society in one form or another. The following music-related places may be of interest. They are all within about an hour’s drive from Chichester on the south coast of England, UK. Enjoy discovering great music.

Notes: For info, I have NO affiliation with any of the companies or venues listed. All links open in a new tab/window.

Guitar/music instrument retailers (not necessarily vintage):

For when GAS (that’d be Gear Acquisition Syndrome!) strikes you at a vulnerable moment and you just have to buy something… anything. These guys will have something tasty to feed your insatiable addiction… at least for a while.

Guitar repair, maintenance, restoration and custom build:

Sometimes, your beloved axe needs some TLC…

Recorded music shops (CDs, vinyl):

For when that iPod just needs feeding some great recorded music. Some of these sell new while others trade in pre-loved…

Live music venues:

There is nothing like going out to see real music, played by real musicians on real instruments. Keep Music Live!

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