CRAVE Amps – Cool & Rare Vintage Guitar Amplifiers

Only vintage guitar valve amplifiers have discrete CRAVE Guitars features written for them on these pages. While new amps may be great and much ‘better’ than their ancestors, they just don’t (in my opinion) inspire and put a smile on my face in quite the same way. There isn’t space to ‘collect’ and not enough time to play many vintage amps, so there are only a small number featured here. They also require a fair bit of resources to buy and maintain.

CRAVE Guitars focuses on classic vintage valve guitar amps predominantly from major American manufacturers including Fender and Music Man. The reason for selecting these particular vintage amplifiers is purely down to my own personal preference. They may be rare, common, unusual or just interesting. They may be in ratty, well used condition or pristine. Ultimately, they are here simply because I like them and use them and, fundamentally, I think they are really cool. Nuff said.

Click on the links below to view the features on each vintage guitar amplifier…

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