CRAVE Guitars’ mission is simple; to bring you some of the coolest American vintage electric guitars from the biggest guitar companies on the planet – Fender and Gibson, among others. This doesn’t necessarily mean the finest, or the most expensive, or the most desirable guitars but definitely those that have a certain something that makes you want to look a bit closer and, perhaps, to crave, just a little. Go on, you know you want to, it doesn’t hurt to look.


My rhetorical question when looking at guitars is “Is this a really cool guitar that I would want to own and play?”. If the answer is “yes” then I consider it. I cover cheap, tatty, quirky and (from a purist collector’s point of view) undesirable guitars. I also cover expensive, clean, traditional and collectible guitars. I like the unusual as well as the popular. Above all, they are honest, really cool guitars. They are what they are, no more and no less.

Investment speculators please look elsewhere – vintage guitars are musical instruments that are meant to be played and loved. They should not used as commodities to be bought and sold to make a return on investment!

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