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Welcome to the world of CRAVE Guitars. The name ‘CRAVE’ is a play on words; as an acronym, it stands for ‘Cool & Rare American Vintage Electric’ guitars, while its literal meaning is ‘to yearn for’ or ‘to want greatly’. It may also be taken as a ‘call to action’. All of the above seem eminently appropriate.

CRAVE Guitars is driven by the beauty and functionality of vintage American guitars. These irreplaceable instruments represent a massive influence on musical evolution over the last half-century or so and they connect inextricably with changes in society and popular culture.

In addition to the instruments, there are also galleries and features on vintage effect pedals from around the globe (CRAVE Effects) and a a small number of vintage American valve amplifiers (CRAVE Amps). Modern music would simply not be the same without all these clever bits of electronics working together with a great vintage guitar.

CRAVE Guitars is a non-profit enterprise that celebrates and showcases vintage guitars both as important musical heritage and as real musical instruments to be used and played. CRAVE Guitars is neither a dealer nor a collector in the traditional sense. Please note that CRAVE Guitars is not a commercial enterprise and none of the vintage guitars, basses, effects or amps on the web site are for sale.

Unlike many other sites dedicated to vintage guitars, CRAVE Guitars focuses on more affordable, underdog and often quirky vintage guitars, effects and amps, rather than exotic, ‘out‑of‑reach’ highly priced and rarely played classic instruments.

CRAVE Guitars was established in 2007 to share some of the stunning innovations spanning electric guitar’s ‘golden era’ and their subsequent enduring legacy. Interested? Curious? Need to satisfy that craving (sic!)? Take a look and enjoy.

Vintage Guitars and Wabi-Sabi – The Japanese concept of something being, “perfect because of an object’s imperfections”.

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