Vintage Guitar Effect Pedals


Only vintage guitar effect pedals have discrete CRAVE Guitars features written for them on these pages. While new modern pedals may be great, there is something beguiling about vintage analogue effects and the sounds they makeThe reason for selecting these particular effect pedals is purely down to rare, common, unusual or just interesting stomp boxes. They vary in condition from pristine to tatty. Ultimately, they are here simply because I like them and they are really cool. Nuff said.


CRAVE Guitars focuses on classic vintage effects mainly from American brands such as Electro-Harmonix and MXR, as well as Japanese manufacturers like BOSS (by Roland) and Ibanez (by Maxon), as well as some European oddities.


Click on the links below to view the features on each vintage guitar effect pedal…


Other Brands

1980 Jen Cry Baby Super (Wah)

1988 Pro Co RAT (Distortion)

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