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Unless there are compelling reasons to the contrary, only vintage guitar effect pedals have discrete CRAVE Guitars features written for them on these pages. While new/modern digital or hybrid pedals may be great, there is something beguiling about vintage analogue effects and the evocative sounds they make. The reason for selecting these particular effect pedals is purely down to personal preference. They may be rare, common, unusual or just interesting stomp boxes. These pedals are ones that I want to own and use, rather than because they are collectable on the vintage market. Moreover, they are being looked after for posterity. They vary in condition from pristine through clean to tatty. Originality is generally a good thing, although that isn’t always possible. To add an extra level of interest, where possible, they include original boxes and/or documentation, even though this tends to be unusual. Ultimately, they are here simply because I like them and they are pretty darn cool. Nuff said.


CRAVE Guitars focuses on classic vintage effects mainly from American brands such as Electro-Harmonix and MXR Innovations, as well as Japanese manufacturers like BOSS (by Roland) and Ibanez (by Maxon). In addition, there are some oddities from America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Why not begin your journey of effect pedal discovery here?


Click on the links below to view the features on each vintage guitar effect pedal…


Other Brands From Around The World

1980 Jen Cry Baby Super (Wah)

1988 Pro Co RAT (Distortion)

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