1981 BOSS BF-2 Flanger

Model Description:

In many ways the 1980s was a great decade, including rapid innovation and adventurous development of guitar effect pedals. Analogue flanger pedals first appeared in the late 1970s and fall into the category of modulation effects. They work by combining the original input signal with an electronically delayed signal. The flanging effect is probably best known its distinctive soaring ‘jet‑engine’ sound, as well as a wide variety of short delay, chorus and vibrato effects. The compact BOSS BF‑2 Flanger replaced the somewhat bulky and utilitarian BF‑1 in June 1980 and stayed in production almost unchanged, except for a few cosmetic differences, for over 20 years until it was replaced in December 2001 by the BF‑3. Production began in Japan and was moved to Taiwan from c.1990. The BOSS BF‑2, born in the 1980s, is one of those pedals that genuinely warrant being called an ‘industry standard’ and a genuine classic.

Pedal Description:

This particular purple pedal is a relatively rare early example, made in April 1981 by the Roland Corporation. It has many of the features of the (best) early BOSS pedals including the black ‘Made in Japan’ label on the base of the unit, the sought after early BOSS ‘silver screw’ and the stamped batch number in the battery compartment. As far as I know, no BF‑2s feature the ‘long dash’ model name. The 4-knob control layout is quite modern compared to the traditional 2/3‑knob pedals of this period and the knobs themselves are the original all‑black ones, unlike the later pedals that came with white‑tops. The evocative warm vintage analogue sounds are amongst the best of their breed, well up with the Electro‑Harmonix Electric Mistress. This particular stomp box is in fantastic condition with hardly a mark to indicate its age. Unusually, it comes complete with its original box and instructions. These early ‘silver screw’ BOSS BF‑2s are quite uncommon in this condition and are rapidly becoming future collectibles, attracting vintage market values to match.


  • Made in Japan by Roland Corporation in 1981
  • The ‘Manual’ knob controls the delay time applied to the effect
  • The ‘Depth’ knob controls the sweep range of the modulation effect
  • The ‘Rate’ knob controls the speed of modulation
  • The ‘Res’ (resonance) knob controls the feedback/intensity of the effect
  • BOSS treadle footswitch turns the effect on and off
  • LED ‘Check’ light to indicate when the effect is in use
  • Standard ¼” input and output mono jack sockets
  • DC power supply input or 9V battery
  • Black ‘Made in Japan’ label on the base of the pedal
  • Silver battery compartment thumbscrew
  • Dimensions: 70mm (w) x 125mm (d) x 55mm (H)
  • Weight: 400g
  • Original box and instruction manual

Detail Gallery:

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