As mentioned on the CRAVE home page, I am not a trade dealer but I do buy and sell guitars from time to time to keep the addiction going. The criteria for buying or selling includes:


I may be interested in purchasing vintage guitars from Fender and Gibson that fit the ethos (see About) of CRAVE Guitars, i.e. they should fit one or more of the following…

  1. Cool – guitars that may be quirky, unusual or a variation on a theme, with character and interest
  2. Rare – not so important but unusual limited production models can be cool and not necessarily expensive
  3. American – possibly my one hard and fast rule (i.e. not Japanese, Mexican, British, etc.)
  4. Vintage – preferably c.1950-1989 – nothing newer please. You will see some newer instruments on the site, these are mainly legacy items
  5. Electric – I’m not really an acoustic fan, sorry. Semis are fine though
  6. Guitars – includes basses but, again, they are not the primary focus of CRAVE

In addition, prospective purchases would need to be:

  • In good condition with no serious damage
  • Original (or very close to it)
  • Cost effective – I need to make an honest buck and can’t afford to pay top retail rates, sorry

Here are some vintage electric guitars in which I might be interested (not an exclusive list):

  • Danelectro Pro‑1
  • Fender Bass VI
  • Fender Electric XII
  • Gibson ES-345 or ES-355
  • Gibson Flying V
  • Gibson Les Paul Junior
  • Gibson Les Paul Recording
  • Gibson Les Paul Special
  • Gibson SG Custom
  • Gibson SG Special
  • Gretsch Double Anniversary
  • Guild S‑100/S‑300
  • Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Custom


On rare occasions, I may sell one of my craved guitars. I may well be interested in replacing some of the newer models with vintage ones, so I might be persuaded to part with the non-vintage ones first (1990 and later):

See the ‘For Sale’ page for any guitars, effects or amplifiers that may need to find a new home…


If you have any enquiries on any of the above, please contact me via the e‑mail address at the bottom of every page on the web site.

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