A list of instruments, variations and general production dates for key vintage instruments from Fender, Gibson and Music Man. These classic instruments shaped the history of modern popular music.

This list is a bit of fun and is not intended to be comprehensive. The odd error may also have crept in, so I wouldn’t rely on it as a piece of research material. Apologies too if I’ve missed anything crucial…


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Key Instruments:

BrandModelKey VariationsTypeVintage Production
1FenderBass VIBass1961-1975; 1995-1998
4FenderCoronadoI; II; XII; Antigua; WildwoodGuitar1966-1970
5FenderDuo-SonicIIGuitar1964-1969; 1993-1997
6FenderElectric XIIGuitar1965-1969
7FenderJaguarGuitar1962-1975; 1995-1999
12FenderMustangCompetitionGuitar1964-1982; 1993-1998
15FenderStratocasterElite; Standard; American StandardGuitar1954-present
16FenderTelecasterBroadcaster; Nocaster; Esquire; Custom; Deluxe; Thinline; Elite; American StandardGuitar1950-present
20GibsonEB0; 1; 2; 3; LBass1953-1979
21GibsonEDS-1275Guitar1958-1968; 1977-1990; 1991-1994
22GibsonES-125T; DGuitar1941-1943; 1946-1970
23GibsonES-150T; DGuitar1936-1942; 1946-1956; 1969-1975
24GibsonES-175T; DGuitar1949-present
25GibsonES-330T; D; CGuitar1959-1972
26GibsonES-335T; D; C; Dot; Reissue; Trini LopezGuitar1958-present
27GibsonES-345S; VGuitar1959-1983
28GibsonES-355S; V, LucilleGuitar1958-1982
29GibsonExplorerI/83; Custom Graphic; E2; CMT; ReissueGuitar1958-1959; 1963; 1975-1980; 1981-1989; 1990-present
30GibsonFirebirdReverse; Non-Reverse; I; III; V; VII; 76/Bicentennial; ReissueGuitar1963-1965 (reverse); 1965-1969 (non-reverse); 1976; 1990-present
31GibsonFlying VV2; Heritage; CMT; I/83; The V; XPL; ReissueGuitar1958-1959; 1962-1963; 1966-1969; 1975-1980; 1981-1982; 1990-present
33GibsonL5C; E; SGuitar1922-1958; 1948-1982; present
34GibsonL6-SCustom; DeluxeGuitar1973-1981
35GibsonLes PaulJunior; Special; Deluxe; Standard; Custom; Recording; DC; Gold Top, Artisan, The PaulGuitar1952-1963; 1968-Present
36GibsonMelody MakerGuitar1959-1971; 1977-1983; 1986-1993
37GibsonModerneKorina Heritage; ReissueGuitar1982-1983
38GibsonRDCustom; Standard; Artist; CMTGuitar1977-1982
40GibsonSGJunior; Special; Standard; Custom; 100; 200Guitar1959-1981; 1983-present
41GibsonSuper 400N; P; CGuitar1934-present
42GibsonThunderbirdReverse; Non-Reverse; II; IVBass1963-1969; 1983-1984; 1987-present
43Music ManSabreBass1979-present
44Music ManStingrayBass1976-present
45Music ManStingrayI/IIGuitar1976-1982

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