This picture gallery is dedicated to some of the diverse electronics in the sound chain that make the guitar such a versatile musical instrument in the fascinating and multifarious world of modern music. The sounds thus created have featured on pretty much every stage and in every studio for many decades. Long may it continue. The CRAVE Effects’ ‘collection’ focuses on pedals from the ‘golden era’ of effect pedals from the 1960s, through the 1970s and to the end of the 1980s. Enjoy.

Guitarists often like to add a plethora of effects to manipulate the raw tone of their guitars into something else. During the pinnacle of electronic creativity and invention in the period from the 1960s to the 1980s, R&D development led to a wide range of effects pedals dedicated to modifying the guitar’s sound. Some of these pioneering innovations occurred not only in the USA but also in Japan, from companies such as Roland (who own BOSS) and Ibanez, amongst others. While the latter are not American, they played such a core part of the sound, it doesn’t make sense to distinguish between vintage effect pedals from these two key sources. To do so would be to exclude a major part of today’s musical landscape.

Vintage effect pedals gallery:

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