Resources are vital in navigating the world of vintage guitars. This section of the site might help to signpost to some areas of interest. It is NOT comprehensive, it is simply CRAVE’s view of the world. I hope that you find it helpful…

Key vintage instruments – Key vintage guitar and bass models from Fender, Gibson and Music Man

Key music people – Birthdays and ‘deathdays’ (where applicable!) for guitarists, bassists and industry icons

Guitars and guitarists – A list of key vintage instruments from Fender and Gibson, together with the guitarists that have at some point been associated with each instrument

Great guitar albums – A list of terrific guitar albums by great artists

Guitar Books – Small library of useful hard copy information about guitars, the industry and guitar music

Internet Links – Brand information, magazines, online references and vintage guitar retailers

Local Interests – Music related places to go around the south coast of England, UK

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