1981 Ibanez FL301-DX Flanger

Model Description:

Now… there are vintage effects pedals and there is this solid yellow and black ‘brick’, the Ibanez FL301‑DX Flanger built by Maxon in Japan in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The DX (i.e. DeluXe) version of the FL301 is slightly tweaked to reduce noise levels. While the (green) TS‑808 Tube Screamer Pro is the iconic Ibanez stomp box, this bright banana‑coloured baby rocks under the vintage collectors’ radar. The sturdy construction of the FL301‑DX is of the same ‘0’ series models as the TS‑808 with the familiar proprietary Ibanez small rectangular on/off silent Q switch’. These older models were replaced by the ‘9’ series in 1982, in this case the four knob FL9 Flanger.

Pedal Description:

Here for your delectation is a bright wasp‑hued 1981 Ibanez FL301‑DX Flanger. It is difficult to date vintage Ibanez pedals from the serial number. As far as I can tell from the features, this pedal dates from approximately 1981. There were 2 versions of this pedal; version 1 without level markers and version 2 with level markers around the knobs this pedal is one of the earlier models. Where it matters, the analogue comb filter’s spacious modulation effect is stunning, ranging from mild and subtle to the wild and whacky. The jangly, shimmering chorus tones are evident in abundance, the soaring ‘jet aircraft’ swoosh is there in spades, the atonal ring modulator-like edginess is a doddle to dial in, so too is the warbly manic mayhem of everything ramped. This is one impressively cool and fantastically usable effect. This durable pedal is in excellent condition, with just a few very minor scuffs to the paintwork. The battery connector is a necessary replacement – everything else is original. There is a beguiling warmth and charm to these vintage analogue pedals, which are now eagerly sought out as a welcome antidote to the clinical harshness of modern digital effects, something even today’s boutique pedals struggle to match.


  • Made in Japan by Maxon in 1981
  • The ‘Speed’ knob controls the rate at which the effect cycles
  • The ‘Regen’ knob controls the intensity of the effect
  • The ‘Width’ knob controls the depth of the effect
  • LED indicator light to show when the effect is in use
  • Ibanez footswitch turns the effect on and off
  • Standard ¼” input and output mono jack sockets
  • Powered by external DC power supply or by 9V battery
  • Black ‘Made in Japan’ label on the base of the pedal
  • ‘Maxon’ battery compartment cover
  • No box or instruction manual

Detail Gallery:

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