1981 BOSS PH-1r Phaser

Model Description:

The familiar bright green BOSS PH‑1r Phaser was made by the Japanese Roland Corporation between October 1980 and May 1985. Like its sibling, the PH‑1 (1977-1981), the PH‑1r is a four‑stage analogue phaser. Basically, the only difference between the two BOSS models is that the updated ‘r’ version features an additional ‘Resonance’ control. BOSS did this to add flexibility and to provide a wider range of available sounds, ostensibly to improve its ability to compete with the likes of Electro‑Harmonix, MXR and Ibanez phase pedals. The PH‑1r is fairly ubiquitous and good vintage value on the used effect market.

Pedal Description:

This early BOSS PH‑1r Phaser was made in March 1981. However, it doesn’t have the silver battery compartment screw, which appeared on some of the very earliest PH‑1rs. However, the electronics are the same and, let’s face it, the change in cosmetics makes no difference to the pedal’s function. The lush phase tones are what you’d expect from an analogue phaser from the early 1980s and are a touch more pronounced than the simpler 2‑knob PH‑1. This one is in great condition and all-original bar a replacement battery snap. Availability of original PH‑1 and PH‑1r pedals remains plentiful and, along with BOSS’s bullet‑proof build, they represent a relatively risk‑free entry into the world of vintage analogue stomp boxes. They still seem very good value when comparing vintage prices with some modern boutique pedals that use the PH‑1 and its counterparts for inspiration. One thing is for sure, economic accessibility is just a phase (sic!) they are going through. Good condition examples will become increasingly collectable and harder to come by.


  • Made in Japan by Roland Corporation in 1981
  • The ‘Rate’ knob controls the speed of the oscillation
  • The ‘Depth’ knob controls the amount of effect applied
  • The ‘Res’ knob controls the amount of signal fed back into the effect
  • BOSS treadle footswitch turns the effect on and off
  • Red LED ‘Check’ light to indicate when the effect is in use
  • Standard ¼” input and output mono jack sockets
  • 12V DC (BOSS ACA) power supply or 9V battery
  • Black ‘Made In Japan’ label on the base of the pedal
  • Dimensions: 70mm (w) x 125mm (d) x 55mm (h)
  • Weight: 400g
  • No box or instruction manual

Detail Gallery:

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