1980 MXR Dyna Comp
1980 MXR Dyna Comp

Model Description:

MXR Innovations was founded in 1972, based in Rochester, New York, USA. While the iconic Phase 90 holds top spot in the MXR ranks, the Distortion + and the Dyna Comp compressor pedals also became very highly regarded. The key to MXR’s success was a combination of sublime ‘natural’ sounds and ϋber simple controls. Approximating the age of vintage MXR effects is relatively straightforward… the ‘block logo’ replaced the ‘script logo’ around 1976. By 1981 MXR had added an LED indicator and A/C adapter before ceasing production altogether in 1984. The brand was resurrected in 1987 by Jim Dunlop and MXR pedals continue to be manufactured today.


Pedal Description:

This 1980 Dyna Comp is all-original and in great condition for its age, despite missing its original box and a screw on its base.  The pot codes date this pedal to c.1980. The Dyna Comp is one of those subtle effects that you get so used to using that it sounds ‘normal’ until you switch it off and you realise the impact that the compression has. Its delicate ability to sustain and smooth out clean sounds is its strong point, especially when used with a modest boost through a vintage valve amp. Some critics say the Dyna Comp is noisy and affects tone, even when switched off but its not a characteristic I recognise with this example. That’s it, one fantastic little vintage gem of a stomp box. Very cool.


  • The ‘Output’ knob controls the signal level
  • The ‘Sensitivity’ knob controls the amount of compression
  • Standard footswitch turns the effect on and off 
  • ¼” input and output mono jack sockets
  • 2nd generation ‘block’ MXR logo
  • No LED or A/C power supply input – 9V battery only
  • No box or instructions

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