1976 Electro-Harmonix LPB-2

Model Description:

The plain-looking Linear Power Booster (LPB) was the first effect developed by founder of American company Electro‑Harmonix, Mike Matthews. The LPB-1 was a small box with an integral jack plug, while the LPB-2 was a normal floor pedal. The simple active circuitry carries out a single function, to boost the input signal and output it into an amp. The aim was to allow guitarists to push their valve preamps of the time into natural saturated overdrive. It was a deceptively clever idea that is now taken for granted. It seems strange that this demure effect contributed to Electro‑Harmonix becoming such a successful business. The ‘Off’ switch is effectively redundant, meaning that the only (nameless) control is the level of boost applied when the effect is switched on. Vintage ones are still relatively numerous, probably because there is so little to go wrong with them, and they can provide a cost-effective entry into the world of vintage effect pedals.

Pedal Description:

Here we have a one‑owner 1976 Electro‑Harmonix LPB-2 Linear Power Booster. This pedal has been owned by me from new. The solder on the pot covers the year code, so I’m going by recollection and the older style original box, to suggest that it is c.1976. It is in tip‑top condition, looking almost new and still boxed, which is pretty rare after all this time. The internal wiring is very basic indeed and looks crude because the components are hard wired, rather than the standard practice of mounted on a circuit board. In use, it ‘does what it says on the tin’, with quite a substantial level of boost available, great for going from clean rhythm chops to screaming lead guitar solos with just a stomp of the switch. The LPB‑2 is simple and effective, if used pragmatically.


  • Made in New York City, U.S.A. in c.1976
  • The only knob controls the output volume (level of boost)
  • The ‘Off’ switch controls whether the unit is on or off
  • Standard footswitch turns the effect on and off
  • Standard ¼” input and output mono jack sockets
  • No LED status indicator or DC power supply input – 9V battery only
  • No battery compartment in the base of the unit
  • Original cardboard box, no instruction manual

Detail Gallery:

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