December 2014 – Hi Everybody

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A bit of background this month for anyone who might be interested. CRAVE has only been in existence as a concept since 2007. It didn’t come ready-formed and it wasn’t a planned hobby. I have been playing guitar (badly) for what seems like a zillion years since I was 14, when my father gave me a used nylon-strung acoustic. I had (and still have) a few ‘personal’ guitars since the ’70s but any idea of doing anything coherent was dormant due to being a ‘responsible adult’. I then started playing and buying again in the ‘noughties’ but mostly new instruments from a range of brands. While they were OK, something ‘inspirational’ was missing. Then the epiphany hit and I got interested in bringing together a bunch of nice old Fenders and Gibsons that I could afford and, more importantly, that I wanted to play.

CRAVE Guitars was thus born, albeit more of an aspiration and a notion than a reality. Then the 2008 recession struck and everything went on hold again. Now, in late 2014 and into 2015, I want to share some of the delights and frustrations that these few bits of old wood, plastic and metal can bring. Fundamentally, CRAVE guitars are musical instruments that demand to be played (albeit badly!). Yes they are lovely objects in their own right, resulting from a prolific period of great creative design and experimental manufacturing. Looks are, though, often in the eye of the beholder. I won’t get into values now – more of the arguable threat of vintage electric guitar ‘investments’ in future posts.

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