November 2015 – What’s New at CRAVE Guitars (again)

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There’s been quite a flurry of guitar activity at CRAVE Guitars this autumn, way more than enough for a single article. For November, I’ll focus on some recent 4 and 6‑string additions. Unfortunately, cool guitars from Fender and Gibson that fit the CRAVE ethos have been few and far between recently, especially in the UK, so I’ve taken a bit of an expedition off-the-beaten-track over recent months, with Music Man, Epiphone and now…

The first newbies aren’t actually ‘new’ in that they’ve been part of CRAVE for a few years but sitting, somewhat overlooked in the background. It is time to bring them into the fold. I hinted at them in my last article and they get a bit more exposure this month. See the new features on the web site for pristine examples of:

  • Danelectro Dano ’63
  • Danelectro Dano ’63 Long Scale Bass
2008 Danelectro Dano '63
2008 Danelectro Dano ’63
2008 Danelectro Dano '63 Long Scale Bass
2008 Danelectro Dano ’63 Long Scale Bass

This pair of Danos are neither vintage nor American – they were made in China in 2008 so, you might ask, why are they here? Well… firstly Danelectro is an American company that has a very long history of innovative guitar manufacture dating back to 1947, so they certainly deserve attention and respect. Danelectro’s fascinating heritage has been covered in a recent CRAVE feature on the brand. (click here to see brand feature…)

OK, so they aren’t ‘made in USA’. However, if they were, they probably wouldn’t exist at all because of the economic imperative driven by cutthroat competition in global capitalist markets. While the ‘reissues’ aren’t accurate recreations of American originals, they are heavily influenced by the 1449 guitar and 1447 bass made by Danelectro for the American Sears‑Roebuck department chain in 1963. They also have ergonomic features for modern players while also keeping manufacturing costs down. And, let’s be honest, once one overcomes any snobbery, they are SO cute, especially in cool satin aqua blue. They are straight from the manufacturer, and have never been played, which is unusual. So that’s my justification for including them here. Go take a look. They may, however, have to go ‘for sale’ soon.

Next up is a new arrival and a more ‘authentic’ CRAVE Guitar, also the subject of a feature on the web site. At long last, I have my hands on a sumptuous Mapleglo Rickenbacker 480, this one was born to the world in California in early 1974. The 480 is nowhere near as celebrated as its 300 series counterparts but in my opinion a fantastic instrument and very much a ‘sleeper’ for the discerning guitar fan. Its closest relative is actually the iconic 4000 bass guitars. One day, hopefully, the 480 will receive the recognition it thoroughly deserves and RIC will consider a reissue. In the meantime, challenge your preconceptions and revel in the Rickenbacker 480’s beauty. It is also a great guitar to play and quite different from other guitars of the time. Go take a look at this immaculate little near-42‑year old stunner (click here to see guitar feature…). As with Danelectro, Rickenbacker’s significant contribution to modern guitar history is covered in a recent CRAVE feature on the brand (click here to see brand feature…).

1974 Rickenbacker 480

This Rickenbacker 480 was sought out and imported from America, something I’ve touched on before. The UK vintage guitar market is dysfunctional at the moment, which is why 3 out of the last 4 guitar acquisitions have come from the other side of the Atlantic – a pain to do but, when the results are as cool as other recent CRAVE purchases, it’s worth the effort. Watch this space for another great imported ‘Cool & Rare American Vintage Electric’ Guitar, wending its way from its birthplace in New York via Texas as I write.

Plug time… CRAVE is and will be selling some surplus guitar bits and pieces initially. There are also a few non-vintage instruments that I hope will find caring new homes in order to fund future vintage purchases. Must… feed… the… habit! Keep an eye on the CRAVE Guitars ‘For Sale’ web page with links to any active eBay items (click here to see CRAVE’s ‘for sale’ items).

For a number of reasons, CRAVE is going to be taking a slightly different direction over coming months and these articles will, I hope, illuminate the 6‑string journey that I’m currently on. I intend to explore new and different (for me) guitar-related adventures and, hopefully, get excited about. It just has to be done. Why not come with. Watch this space. Until next time…

CRAVE Guitars’ ‘Music Quote of the Month’: Music cannot be silenced… or life would be very quiet indeed.

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