February 2015 – CRAVE Guitars Web Site Launch

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Hip-Hip-Hooray! After nearly 8 long years of gestation, the CRAVE Guitars web site is finally up and running.

CRAVE Guitars Website

It has been a very difficult journey but that’s not what is important right now. It is all about celebrating the moment and contemplating the future. Maybe, just maybe, this is the start of something. I have no great ambition (I’ll never be a millionaire, although I admit that I wouldn’t mind if I was!) and I have no idea what would represent success for CRAVE Guitars. Just being here is a positive step in the right direction. The new site is modest and the focus is where it should be, on showcasing Cool & Rare American Vintage Electric Guitars from Fender and Gibson. I haven’t seen many other sites like it but I’m sure they exist.

Why do it? I am doing it partly because I want to share the joy of Cool and Rare Vintage Electric Guitars and partly because it is something that I need to do for myself. I hope someone out there appreciates what CRAVE Guitars is trying to do. Who’s it for? It is for anyone else who understands or is curious about what the addiction to the beauty of vintage instruments is all about. Ever the optimist, I hope the site will grow in both scope and content and the next stage of development is already under way.

I value cool ideas about what could make it a great web site, so contact me if there is something relevant that you’d like to see added and I’ll consider it. I aim to post debate‑provoking narrative on the site monthly. Why not also check out the CRAVE Guitars pages on social media. On Twitter and Facebook, I try to post something lighter in tone that may be of interest to aficionados, daily if I can. Just connect via the social media links at the bottom of every page. Thanks for looking in. Until next time, love great players, love great music. Thanks for reading.

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