November 2014 – Welcome to CRAVE Guitars

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Hello and welcome everyone. Even though CRAVE Guitars has been around since 2007, this is my first ever Internet post, so it may be timely to say where I’m coming from. Factoid – vintage guitars are great. Like every person on the planet, I know what I like and what I don’t – that works for vintage guitars too! Mythology can tend to prevail, with some ‘holy grails’, ‘sacred cows’ and ‘pontifications’ dictating what people buy and the prices people pay. It isn’t just the economics of supply and demand (although it doesn’t help), it is an inherent class system that drives vintage guitar values.

Over time, I hope to question and challenge the status quo (no, not the band!) and, hopefully provoke some thought and suggest an alternative perspective to the usual assumptions. I guarantee you will disagree and that’s fine; the good thing about opinion is that it is just that, opinion. I could have gone for ‘blog’, ‘news’ or ‘what’s on’ but everyone else does that, so welcome and I hope you enjoy my ‘observations, opinions, musings and happenings’ as our collective unknown future unravels.

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