1983 Fender Stratocaster 'Dan Smith'
1983 Fender Stratocaster ‘Dan Smith’

Guitar Description:

I specifically sought out this really cool ‘Type II Dan Smith Era’ Fender Stratocaster. Dan Smith was hired by Fender in 1981 as marketing director to restore production quality to a fading brand. Why did I seek it out, you ask? It’s an oddity, that’s why. It creates debate and divides opinion. Is it a transition curiosity, a purist’s anathema, a cost-cutting abomination, or a rare ‘hidden gem’?  In my personal view, it is a very decent late CBS-era guitar in glorious deep metallic red. It has some very distinctive features… the small headstock, body-end truss rod adjustment, only 2 rotary controls (sometimes humorously called a ‘2-knobber’), a standard jack socket in the single-ply scratchplate, and the short-lived Freeflyte vibrato system. I call it a definite collectable and possibly a future cult classic. These are likely to increase in value very soon.


  • Candy Apple Red finish
  • Maple 4-bolt neck joint
  • Maple fingerboard with 21 frets and black dot markers
  • Scale length 25½”
  • Chrome hardware
  • Original single-ply white scratchplate
  • Original tuners
  • Original single coil pickups
  • Original 5-position pickup selector switch
  • Original factory Freeflyte vibrato
  • Non-original hardshell case

Detail Gallery:

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