Darkness abounds! A quintessential ’80s ROCK guitar. Amazing to think it was designed way back in the 1950s! An all black Explorer with chrome hardware. Sinister and cool at the same time. The very desirable ‘Dirty Fingers’ pickups are extraordinarily powerful and ensure the guitar sounds incredible, very different from standard Gibson humbuckers. This one is devoid of the usual Explorer scratchplate and has the triangular control layout, with the switch adjacent to the knobs. A previous owner had temporarily fitted a Les Paul-type scratchplate at one time (ugh! Now removed), resulting in 3 small screw holes on the front,

  • Original black nitrocellulose finish
  • Rosewood unbound fingerboard with 22 frets
  • Scale length 24¾”
  • Chrome hardware
  • No scrathcplate
  • Dirty Fingers humbucking pickups
  • Original hardshell case
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