1984 Gibson Explorer 'Union Jack'
1984 Gibson Explorer ‘Union Jack’

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Here’s one you don’t see every day! A Gibson for the patriotic sorts (or xenophobes) out there. Why Gibson should put a Union Flag (as it’s properly called) on a US Explorer isn’t known. Epiphone did an Oasis guitar with the flag but there are no artist tributes here. They also issued Explorers with the American Confederate flag. This one doesn’t have the scratchplate and has the triangular control pattern with the switch adjacent to the knobs. It also has the factory Kahler vibrato bridge and locking nut, so you can dive bomb till the (British) cows come home (for a cup of tea?) and still stay in tune. It had a Seymour Duncan pickup in the bridge position with a coil split switch next to the control knobs. The original ‘Dirty Fingers’ pickup has been restored and the switch removed, which is the only unoriginal bit on the guitar (why, when you have ‘Dirty Fingers’ pickups as original?). Seriously, seriously cool.

  • Rare Gibson Union Jack Graphics finish
  • Rosewood unbound fingerboard with 22 frets
  • Scale length 24¾”
  • Chrome hardware
  • No scratchplate
  • Factory Kahler vibrato and locking nut
  • Replaced bridge pickup – Seymour Duncan and coil split switch
  • Dirty Fingers humbucking neck pickup
  • Original hardshell case
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