For your delectation, an all-original early CBS-era Fender Mustang in classic patriotic Red, complete with slab body, a lovely white pearloid scratchplate, chrome hardware and black pickups/switches/knobs. The epitome of mid-’60s Americana and exuding pure vintage cool. The Mustang, first introduced in 1964, was top of Fender’s cheaper short-scale ‘student’ range (above the single-pickup Musicmaster and twin-pickup, vibrato-less Duo-Sonic). Mustangs featured both twin pickups and the then new Fender Dynamic Vibrato integrated bridge/tailpiece. From 1964 to 1969, the ‘student’ models came in patriotic plain Red, White and Blue.

This particular Mustang also has the rarer ‘slab’ rosewood fingerboard. All in all, a very nice example of a classic early ‘F-plate’ Fender Mustang. These little guitars are becoming cool cult collectables, especially when considered against an economy of sky-high prices for equivalent Strats and Teles of the same era, as well as the increasing trend in Jazzmaster and Jaguar values. Go on, grab one while you still can.

  • Red finish
  • Maple bolt-on neck
  • Rosewood ‘slab’ fingerboard with 22 frets and dot markers
  • Scale length 24”
  • Alder body
  • Original chrome hardware
  • Original pearloid scratchplate
  • Original single-coil pickups, switches, pots, knobs and jack socket
  • Original bridge and vibrato – period correct trem arm (probably original but not guaranteed)
  • Original hard shell case
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